High Density Wire Feedthrough Assembly

Featured Product from Conax Technologies

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The Conax Technologies High Density (HD) assembly consists of stainless steel tubing swaged over bundled 24 AWG solid Teflon-coated thermocouple grade wires and/or copper wires. HD assemblies provide continuous wire feedthrough for thermocouples, RTDs and low voltage instrumentation, allowing multiple conductors/wires to pass through a single port. The feedthrough is furnished with 24 inches of leadwire on each end. Longer wire lengths can be furnished as required.

The assembly includes no epoxy or potting. Various diameter sizes are available, accommodating conductors as follows: HD18, 0.187" diameter, 12 conductors; HD25, 0.250" diameter, 24 conductors; HD31, 0.312" diameter, 40 conductors; HD 37, 0.375", 60 conductors. High Density assemblies may be combined with Conax packing (PG) glands, midlock (MK) glands or multi-hole metal (MHM) glands for pressure/vacuum sealing. High Density glands operate within a temperature range from -112º F to +250º F (-80º C to +120º C).