Electrode Gland Teflon (EGT) Glands

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Conax Electrode Gland Teflon (EGT) gland is a reusable steel fitting designed for pressure or vacuum sealing of a single electrode or element. This gland is used as a bare electrical feedthrough for vacuum furnaces, liquid level probes, transformers, environmental chamber power leads and more. It can also be used to electrically and/or thermally isolate electrodes, tubes or temperature sensors. The sealant consists of a single continuous one-piece Teflon insulator. The EGT gland features the Conax-designed "soft sealant" technology that uses the compression of a material within a fixed housing to develop a strong seal. The gland is easily assembled in the field. For use in pressures from vacuum to 2,500 psi (170 bar), with voltage rating to 8000 VDC and amperage to 525 amps. The gland may be purchased with or without the electrode.