HEGPK power compression seal feedthrough

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HEGPK with single PEEK™ insulator

Conax Technologies’ HEGPK feedthroughs electrically and thermally insulate single electrodes, tubes, temperature sensors, etc. while passing into a vacuum or pressurized environment. These bare electrical feedthroughs also seal against gases and liquids and resist electrode movement under pressure. The HEGPK feedthrough features a single piece insulator/sealant that’s manufactured from PEEK™, which is recognized as one of the highest performing engineered thermoplastic materials currently available.

HEGPK bodies with NPT or SAE threads are constructed from 303SST standard. Weld neck style bodies are constructed from 316SST standard. Followers for all styles are constructed from 303SST standard. Many optional materials are also available. 


  • Temperature Range: 0°F to 480°F
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 7,700 PSig (531 bar)
  • Voltage Rating: to 8000VDC
  • Amperage Rating: to 200 amp
  • Supplied with or without conductor

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