High Pressure/Vacuum Sealed Feedthroughs

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Pressure and Vacuum Sealing Assemblies

Conax Technologies designs and manufactures a complete line of pressure/vacuum mechanical compression fittings and assemblies for wires and probes for virtually every industry. A wide range of catalog standard compression seal fittings are available from stock, while unlimited custom designs are also available for unique wire or probe sealing applications.

Exclusive "Soft Sealant" Technology
Conax Technologies exclusive "soft sealant" technology enables easy assembly of the compression fitting by simply inserting the wire or probe and torquing the gland cap. Replaceable sealants permit repeated use of the stainless steel fitting for easy installation and service in the field. Our standard sealant materials include Lava, Teflon®, Neoprene, Viton® and Grafoil® and are designed, depending on compression fitting type, to seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 10,000 psi/690 bar involving temperatures ranging from -400°F to 3000°F/-240° C to +1650° C. Other sealant materials are available for custom applications.

Wire and Probe Sealing
In wire sealing, we routinely accommodate in one gland from 1 to 16 conductors ranging from 24 AWG to 3/4"/.03mm diameter to handle a voltage range from the millivolt level up to 8000 volts and currents up to 400 amps. In probe sealing, from 1 to 40 probes, ranging in size from 0.020"/0.5mm to 1.250"/32 mm diameter, are routinely pressure or vacuum sealed in a single unit. Beyond these, we offer custom or special assemblies.