High Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies

Featured Product from Conax Technologies

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Conax Technologies manufactures a broad range of common thermocouple assemblies as well as custom-engineered assemblies with special sensors and mountings. Conax thermocouples are available in nearly limitless combinations of termination styles, mounting methods and sealing assemblies, including direct mount styles, adjustable mount styles, spring loaded assemblies, weld pads, thermowells, transmitters and more. Thermocouples can be combined with the Conax-designed "soft sealant" technology sealing glands for excellent environmental sealing.

Conax thermocouple assemblies have proven their durability and reliability in a host of industrial applications from processing plants to specialized laboratory and testing settings. Conax's knowledge of the science of temperature measurement and the physical properties of materials used for sheathing and insulation enables their sales engineers to recommend the most effective solutions to your application needs.