Multi-hole metal (MHM) seal fittings

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MHM multiple element sealing

Conax Technologies’ Multi-hole Metal Fittings (MHM) can be customized to accommodate special hole patterns, irregular shapes, and high density requirements. MHM fittings can be used to seal gradient thermocouple, RTD or thermistor probes, tube bundles, or a variety of devices within a single fitting.

The soft sealant technology seals against gases or liquids and resists element movement under pressure. Immersion lengths can be easily adjusted in the field. Individual elements can be set at different lengths to facilitate monitoring of multiple points. This style fitting also allows easy replacement of elements.

MHM fitting bodies with NPT threads or SAE threads are constructed from 303SST standard. Weld neck style fitting bodies are constructed from 316LSST standard. Seats and followers for all styles are constructed from 303SST standard. Many optional materials are also available, including 316LSST, Inconel and more.

Key features

  • Temperature Range: -400°F to +1600°F (-240°C to +870°C)
  • Pressure Range: vacuum to 10,000 PSig (690 bar)
  • Seals 1-27 elements (standard)
  • Ideal for gas or liquid
  • Adjustable immersion length
  • Reusable
  • Wires easily assembled or replaced in the field
  • Available with Neoprene®, Viton®, PTFE, Lava or Grafoil® sealants


The replaceable sealant permits repeated use of the same fitting. Elements can be easily assembled or replaced in the field. To replace the sealant or elements, simply loosen the cap, replace the necessary items, relubricate and retorque the cap.

Fittings are supplied factory lubricated. When reused, the fittings should be relubricated to maintain the published torque and pressure ratings. If fittings are cleaned prior to assembly, they should be relubricated. On weld mount models, the heat from the welding process will destroy the lubricant. These models must also be relubricated prior to use.

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