New EGT sensor for FT8 turbines outperforms OEMs

Featured Product from Conax Technologies

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Conax solution for FT8 turbinies outperforms OEM parts

“The major U.S. FT8 users all praise the Conax dual channel as a better option to OEM’s design because they last longer and are more accurate over time. The Conax TC is simply a better product.”

FT8 users are choosing Conax Technologies’ exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors over OEM sensors in their FT8 turbines. Here’s why:

  • Superior design and quality
  • Proven higher reliability than OEM sensors
  • Hermetically sealed for high accuracy and long life
  • Simple, quick installation that saves time
  • Interchangeable with OEM sensors
  • Typically in stock to provide quick turn around time

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