Profile & Spike Thermocouples for Furnaces

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Profile and Spike Thermocouples for Vertical and Horizontal Furnaces

Conax profile thermocouples are high-precision temperature sensors, standard or custom designed for the semiconductor, solar and LED industries.  These thermocouples are engineered to address the critical process temperature measurement and control required for those industries.  We manufacture a wide range of thermocouple designs used on virtually all the leading diffusion furnaces:

  • ASM®
  • BTI/Tempress
  • MRL
  • ATV Technologies
  • Centrotherm
  • SVCS
  • Aviza/SVG/Thermco
  • TEL
  • Kokusai
  • Tystar

Choose from one of our standard designs for either vertical or horizontal type furnaces, or let us work with you to develop a customized design.  Both profile and spike thermocouples are available in the following Pt–Rh noble metal calibrations: Type B, Type R and Type S – along with base metal calibrations Type K and Type N