Sample Probes

Product Announcement from Conax Technologies

Conax Sample Probe Assembly is designed hot-tap into the process through a process isolation valve and sealed off with a Conax PG gland. The Sample Probe is supplied with a welded safety-stop collar and angled end for on-line extraction of process liquids or gases. The Sample Probe is available in OD .250", .375", and .500" diameters. The Conax Technologies Sample Probe features an angled probe tip. When installed with the long side upstream, the tapered end reduces the particulates entering the Sample Probe by fifty percent to reduce the amount of particulates entering the process analyzer filter.

The Sample Probe is used by refineries and chemical plants, potable water streams, analyzer OEMs, and integrators. The Conax Technologies Sample Probe comes standard in 304 and 316 SST and is available in Monel, Hastelloy C276, and Inconel 600.

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