Sanitary Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Product Announcement from Conax Technologies

Conax Technologies provides a broad range of temperature sensors and pressure/vacuum seals designed to meet the stringent sanitary specifications of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Products include Type T thermocouple wire and assemblies, quick disconnect assemblies, multiple wire feedthroughs, sensor assemblies featuring stainless steel or FDA-compliant plastic terminations and sanitary flanges and special sensor assemblies designed to function in the extreme environmental conditions found in autoclave sterilizers. FDA-compliant terminal heads meet NEMA 4 requirements and provide good resistance to most acid and alkaline solutions. Several styles accommodate "hockey puck" style transmitters. Combining these assemblies with stainless steel thermowells and tubewells provides added stiffness, thermal conductivity and ease of sensor installation in pressurized and controlled environments. These are available in sanitary flange or threaded mount styles. Sterimaster™ and Sterisensor™ assemblies are designed specifically to meet the rigorous environment found in pharmaceutical autoclaves. These devices feature a unique environmental seal that prevents moisture from reaching the sensor, thereby providing a higher reliability than previously obtainable with any sensor apparatus. Multiple wire feedthroughs provide a continuous wire feedthrough for up to 60 bundled, Teflon-coated thermocouple wires and/or copper wires through a single port and provide pressure/vacuum sealing of multiple insulated wires.