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Split seal fittings with catalog pressure ratings

Featured Product from Conax Technologies

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Our tightest split seal fittings yet

Conax Technologies offers split seal fittings with pressure ratings that are higher than typical ratings achieved with standard multi-hole split compression seal fittings.

Our SPGA and DSPGA fittings are our first multi-hole split seal fittings that carry both hydraulic and pneumatic catalog pressure ratings. SPGA assemblies seal on multiple elements with a single split, and DSPGA assemblies seal on multiple elements with a double split.

Because these fittings carry catalog pressure ratings, there’s no need to consult the factory when your application falls within the catalog ratings and no need for users to develop their own torque values and associated pressure ratings. View our brief demo video.

Conax SPGA and DSPGA provide a tighter seal on the fitting body and elements

The amount of pressure transmitted from the cap to the load-bearing washer, follower, sealant, and seat set is higher with our SPGA and DSPGA fittings. This creates higher sealing pressures that result in a tighter seal on the fitting body and elements.

The SPGA and DSPGA feature split seats, sealants, and followers, so the sealants can be easily changed without removing the elements from the fitting. Our SPGA and DSPGA split seals also feature followers with an integral pin for faster, easier, safer assembly.

Conax Technologies offers various models of split seals designed to be used when the diameter of the probe tip is larger than the diameter of the elements at the location of the seal. These fittings are used in down-hole oil and gas applications and for general industrial uses, including:

  • Analyzer sampling probes with blow-out collars
  • Gas-filled capillary bulb temperature sensors
  • Cable assemblies with factory-installed connectors
  • Easier assembly and disassembly of long cable/sheath probes

Viton™, Lava and GraFoil™ sealants are available with both SPGA and DSPGA split seal fittings. Click here to view the fittings. To learn more, click the Email Supplier button or visit our website.

Viton™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company™

GraFoil™ is a trademark of NeoGraf Solutions™