Magnetic-Coupler Motor Driven Reels

Product Announcement from Conductix-Wampfler

The "mag coupler" features two opposing rare earth permanent magnets with an air gap between. There is no significant wear on the magnets; they last for years without any degradation.
The "Mag Coupler" is ideal for automated equipment in:

  • Primary Metal Operations - Tripper Cars, Transfer Cars, Manipulators
  • Bulk Materials Handling - Stacker/Reclaimers, Barge/Ship unloaders, and Bucket Wheel Conveyors in mines, terminals, power plants and metals manufacturers
  • Wood and Scrap Operations - Yard Cranes and Grapples
  • Mining Operations - Drag Line Trailing cables; rock drill, roof bolter, and electric car cables
  • Port Industry - Container crane main power/control and spreaders; Ship "Cold Ironing" Cables

. . . and virtually any type of machine that requires consistent, reliable power/control cable or hose management.
The Magnetic Coupler Drive system can be integrated with monospiral spools, as shown above, Level Wind Spools, and Bulk-Wrap Spools

Magnetic Coupler Motor-Driven Reels Feature:

  • Compact design requiring minimum space
  • Highly reliable Slip Ring Assemblies made in-house to our exacting standards
  • Continuous 100% stall duty rating
  • Completely sealed critical components for outdoor applications
  • Modular components for easy customization and maintenance
  • Various spool styles to handle all types of applications

"Mag Couplers" Versus Spring-Driven Reels

Even the most robust spring-driven cable or hose reel is limited by life of its springs. Heavy duty applications require routine spring replacement. And if the springs fail, cable tension is lost.
There is an alternate solution . . . Conductix-Wamplfer's Magnetic Coupler Motor Driven Reels! Mag Coupler Motor Driven Reels provide:

  • Long lasting drive train; no springs to replace
  • Less down-time when maintenance is required; components are easily accessible
  • Ability to handle a variety of cables/hose sizes and lengths; torque is adjustable to match the application; between one and seven mag couplers can be used to achieve the required torque range
  • Increased cable life; the mag coupler puts less tension on the cable than other drive types
  • Constant cable tension even if power is interrupted

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