Featured Product from Conductix-Wampfler

ProfiDAT® is a contactless data transfer solution for communication between fixed and mobile control units from Conductix-Wampfler. ProfiDAT® makes it possible to achieve reliable transfer of mixed data (video, audio and real-time control) at very high data rates using Conductix-Wampfler slotted waveguide technology. Data can be safely transferred at rates up to 100 Mbit/s with average latency of only 3ms. The unique configuration of waveguide and mobile antennas results in a system with integrated shielding. This isolation means that ProfiDAT® is license free and can safely transfer data, even in the most challenging radio environments (e.g. shipping container terminals).

ProfiDAT® is excellently suited for integration into conductor rail systems because the waveguide profile has been engineered for dual use as the protective earth (PE) conductor rail. This results in a very compact complete system because an additional PE conductor rail is not required. The ProfiDAT® data transfer system can be combined with multiple available Conductix-Wampfler conductor rail systems.

Main Applications

  • STS Crane (Ship-to-Shore)
  • RTG/E-RTGTM Crane (Rubber-Tired Gantries/ Electrified Rubber-Tired Gantries)
  • Process Crane

Key Features

  • Safe and reliable wireless communication using slotted waveguide technology
  • Real-time data transfer through prioritization of PROFINET data packets
  • PROFIsafe compatible
  • Solutions for expansion joints and separation points
  • Cost saving through dual use of ProfiDAT® as communication channel and protective earth (PE) conductor rail
  • Compact and fully integrable into conductor rail systems

Standard Application Data

  • Data rate [Mbit/s]:up to 100
  • Real-time capable: Yes (PROFINET)
  • Average latency [ms]: 3
  • Maximum distance (without repeater) [m]: 500
  • Safe communication: Yes (PROFIsafe)
  • Dual use as protective earth (PE): Yes
  • Multiple mobile units in one profile possible: Yes
  • Profile section length [mm]: 5.000
  • External dimensions (profile) [mm]: 50 x 56
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications: Yes
  • Temperature range [°C]: -25 bis +50