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Brushless DC Motor/Outer Rotor-BO6133N2B

Featured Product from Constar Motion Co., Ltd

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61mm Outer Rotor 48v Brushless DC Motor

Diameter: 61mm  Lengh : 33mm  Voltage: 48V, 36V, 24V  Max. output power : 730W  Speed: 5000rpm

Applications: UAV, aeromodelling, etc.

Options:  Lead wires length, Shaft length, Special coils, Gearheads, Encoder, Driver

The brushless dc motor (BLDC) utilizes electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation which overcomes the weaknesses of contact-type (brush) commutation, while providing excellent reliability and extremely long lifetime. Attributes of the motor’s excellent performance include:  high reliability, high rotational speed, excellent size to power ratio, high short-term overload capability, low EMI, good speed regulation .