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Compact 17mm Brushless Gimbal Motor

Featured Product from Constar Motion Co., Ltd

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Discover the perfect solution for your gimbal needs with our 17mm brushless gimbal motor. With a diameter of 17mm and a thickness of 9mm, this motor delivers outstanding performance and reliability. Operating at 10V, it boasts a maximum output power of 5.2W and an impressive speed of 26000rpm. The motor's electronic commutation eliminates the drawbacks of mechanical commutation, ensuring unparalleled reliability and an extended lifetime.

Key Features:

  • High Reliability
  • Rapid Rotational Speed
  • Compact Size to Power Ratio
  • Exceptional Short-Term Overload Capability
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Precise Speed Regulation

Applications: Designed for UAV gimbals and handheld gimbals, this brushless gimbal motor is ideal for engineers working on projects that demand high performance and longevity. Tailor the motor to your specific needs with customizable options such as lead wires length, shaft length, special coils, gearheads, encoder, and driver.

Attention Engineers: If you're involved in the selection or development of gimbal systems, this 17mm brushless gimbal motor is a must-consider option. Elevate your projects with a motor that excels in performance, reliability, and customization options.