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Blending and Coating Plastic Products in the Rollo Mixer
The Rollo-Mixer® Mk VII is a must when evaluating industrial mixers for plastic pellets. Some of North America's largest compounders rely on the Rollo-Mixer® to accurately blend or coat large lots of vinyl and nylon pellets, fluoropolymers, polyolefin, polyamides, piping compounds and plastic powder premixes. Rollo-Mixers are involved in many plastic applications from specialty plastics used in the electronic industry to homogenizing plastic pellets for the automotive industry. Plastic powder blends with liquid and dry additives are uniformly mixed in the Rollo-Mixer® to create recyclable plastic containers for the packaging industry. Coating nylon pellets with TiO2 powders or simply blending nylon with other additives is well suited for this industrial mixer for plastic pellets. With Continental's award-winning coating technology, densifying polycarbonate flakes with polyglycol has allowed our customers to increase the density of the plastic ingredient while improving its value and performance.

Blending Plastic Pellets uniformly in the Continental Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer.
The Mk VII Rollo-Mixer® is well known in the Plastics Industry for blending plastic pellets and more, with superior consistency, uniformity and accurate homogenization of large lots in minutes. Continental's Technical Dir. explains Continental's Technical Dir. explains how the Rollo-Mixer is used in the plastic pellet industry.

Visit Our Facility and Test Your Products
Continental's product testing facility has accommodated more than 2,000 blending and coating trials over many decades. Our test facility is equipped with a variety of Rollo-Mixer® test models, liquid spray systems and heating and cooling capabilities. Companies that visit us can test their products utilize utilize one of 6 versions of the Rollo-Mixer®. Visibility is a key factor in helping us learn how products behave and adapting our coating technology to suit the application. Continental is able to share their years of experience testing a wide variety of products, helping accelerate the transfer from development to production. Scale up is 1:1 from pilot to production.

Discover Our Rollo-Mixers
Continental Products currently designs and manufactures six, distinct rotary drum mixers, known as Rollo-Mixers. We recognize that one rotary drum design is not absolutely ideal for every application. Which is why we engineer several, versatile, rotary drum batch mixers with unique capabilities and advantages across hundreds of applications. Each design has unmatched capabilities to optimize a wide variety of batch mixing, blending and coating processes. We are committed to relentlessly improving the Rollo-Mixer®, to provide exceptional operating performance for our customers and their finished products

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A World Leader in Rotary Drum Mixing,Blending & Coating Technology
Continental Products Corp. specializes in industrial rotary drum mixing, blending and coating equipment - known as the Rollo-Mixer®. Since 1960, we have been working directly with our customers every step of the way to provide them with innovative, proven solutions in mixing, coating and batch process. Our persistent engineering, expertise and development, have been delivering exceptional results for many top performing manufacturers. As a result, the Rollo-Mixer® and Continental, have become an authority for a multitude of leading edge products across a large variety of industries