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Type 380/390SS Large Flow Capacity Stainless Steel Filter Regulator and Regulator

The Type 380/390SS stainless steel filter regulator series is designed for demanding applications that require stable, accurate pressure regulation and high flow capacity. Corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel housing, trim and filter assemblies make this series adaptable to offshore and other harsh environments. Large porting ensures stable and repeatable output pressures, even during wide supply pressure variations from large volume valve actuators. Oversized valving helps the units achieve high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

Stainless Steel Regulators And Volume Boosters for Offshore and Corrosive Environments
ControlAir's family of stainless steel process control devices utilize corrosion resistant stainless steel to provide longer life in offshore and other harsh environments. All are designed for high-performance and accuracy while being in the most challenging environments.

  • Regulators provide accurate pressure regulation and quick response; offered as filter service, high flow capacity, low temperature and Autodrain.
  • Our Volume Boosters offer high flow capacity and are designed to increase the stroking speed of control valves.
  • The Lock-Up Relay is a reliable unit for fail in place applications of control valves when air supply drops below acceptable pressure levels.

ControlAir Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision air pressure regulators, I/P transducers, E/P transducers, P/I transducers, valve positioners, air relays, volume boosters, air filter regulators and frictionless diaphragm air cylinders.

ControlAir offers world-wide distribution for companies that demand excellent service and outstanding technical support for their compressed air pressure regulator applications.

Our ISO-9001 registered quality system assures tightly controlled specifications and processes, resulting in high performance, dependable pneumatic controls.

Our dedication to a streamlined manufacturing process assures customers of product availability and on-time delivery.

ControlAir specializes in joint development projects and strategic design partnerships - customizing our products to meet the specific needs of our customers. OEM inquiries encouraged.

Precision Air Regulators, Transducers (I/P,E/P,P/I), Pneumatic Controls, Volume Boosters and Air Relays, Valve Positioners, Diaphragm Air Cylinders