New Precision Back Pressure Regulator

Featured Product from ControlAir LLC

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Ideal for applications that require high relief capacity.

ControlAir is pleased to announce the introduction of the Type 7200BP Precision Back Pressure Regulator.  The Type 7200BP is a high flow, highly accurate and repeatable pneumatic relief valve with an adjustable set point.  It is a normally closed valve that will remain closed until the inlet pressure exceeds the regulator’s set point.

A typical application for the Type 7200BP Precision Back Pressure Regulator is to provide protection against over pressurization in the downstream portion of a pneumatic system.  In an over pressurization scenario, the air flowing through the Type 7200BP can be vented to atmosphere or could be captured and directed to trigger an emergency shut-off valve.

The Type 7200BP features a large relief valve allowing flows up to 350 scfm (9,905 Nl/min). Control sensitivity is less than 1/2″ water column and an isolated control chamber provides extremely stable performance by preventing hunting and vibration, regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions. The Type 7200BP Precision Back Pressure Regulator will handle a 250 psi (17.5 bar) maximum system pressure and offers six setpoint pressure ranges from 0-2 psi (0-0.15 bar), up to 0-150 psi (0-10 bar).