Pneumatic Controls for Hazardous Environments

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ControlAir's family of Stainless Steel (316L) Process Control Devices (I/P Pressure Transducers, Air Regulators and Volume Boosters) utilize corrosion resistant materials to provide longer life in harsh wash down and sanitary environments. All are designed for high-performance and accuracy while being in variable conditions such as clean in place (CIP) and other wash down environments, which will reduce your down time due to product failure. Our products can be found in applications such as:

  • Food batch and continuous processing skids
  • Bottling stations
  • Pasteurization and sterilization processes
  • Steam valve controling
  • Blanching equipment
  • Automated milking equipment
  • Metering of food product dispensing
  • Coffee/expresso making equipment and dispensing

ControlAir products found in these applications include:

  • Stainless Steel Regulators (Type-350/360/370, Type-380/390) provide accurate pressure regulation and quick response while handling the toughest washdown environments.
  • Stainless Steel Volume Boosters (Type-6000, Type-6600)  offer high flow capacity and are designed to increase the stroking speed of control valves.
  • Type-550 and Type-900 Pressure Transducers offer Nema 4x enclosures (IP65 rating)
  • Type-870 Regulator is Food Grade Compliant

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