E-Book: Chemical Processes

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Many chemical processes routinely release hazardous gases and vapors into an exhaust or waste gas system.  To protect personnel, property, and the environment from unexpected dangers, these streams often need to be monitored continuously and kept well within safe levels.

In the event of an unexpected or accidental increase in gases/vapors, the monitoring systems must be able to make quick and accurate readings - allowing time to take corrective action.  In some cases, this may mean shutting down processes, diluting with air or inert gases and in many cases, bypassing downstream recovery or abatement systems.

Specifying the right analyzer for online process measurements requires a thorough understanding of the sample conditions, all components present and the primary purpose or intent (safety and/or control) of the measurement.

Due to the importance of these measurements for process efficiency, control, and safety, Control Instruments offers a wide range of robust analyzers for various measurement requirements. From process to recovery, our systems can help you improve the safety, performance, and energy savings in your plantwide applications.

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