PrevEx Flammability Analyzer Unmatched Safety

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PrevEx Flammability Analyzers, fomerly the 670 Series, work where other analyzers fail.

PrevEx Flammability Analyzers solve all of the sampling, measuring, and reporting problems found in industrial process applications for LFL(lower flammable limit/ LEL monitoring.

PrevEx features:

  • Fast: Less than one-second response time
  • Universal: Gives consistent and reliable readings even when faced with multiple or changing solvent concentrations.
  • Failsafe: Designed to ensure perfect safety under all conditions.
  • Heated:  Heated to prevent sample condensation and withstand corrosive elements
  • Reliable: Cannot be poisoned or contaminated
  • Accurate: Performs under the demands of the industrial environment


Delivers Unmatched Safety

PrevEx incorporates several fail-safe features to ensure safety under all conditions. The inherent design of the flame temperature technology is that the flame must always be on and the system working properly or an alarm is given. Whether it is a loss of fuel, air, sample flow or power, a malfunction relay is tripped and the operator is notified immediately of status change. Alarm relays include warning, danger, fault, horn, service needed, and system under calibration. These built-in relays guarantee complete safety and reliability, allowing for only true indications on the meter.

The PrevEx has received the following approvals: FM, CSA, CE, ATEX

No Condensation Yields True Sample

Industrial processes contain compounds that condense and contaminate a sensor. With condensation comes clogging, fouling, and poisoning, which restricts the sample flow to the analyzer, removing important elements from the sample stream. This results in inaccurate readings. PrevEx has a corrosion resistant, heated sample train through which the sample is delivered. The heat eliminates condensation and withstands corrosive elements leaving an accurate representation of the process. The PrevEx analyzer collects the sample using an air aspirator, driven by compressed air. There is no pump or blower; instead microprocessor control guarantees constant sample flow and pressure through the sample train, assuring the highest level of accuracy. The PrevEx is free of poisoning from various organo-metallics, halogented hydrocarbons, silicones or plasticizers.

Direct Mount Provides Fastest Response Time

When it comes to giving you early warning, no other design comes close to PrevEx's less than 1 second response time. This impressive response is due to the direct mount design. By mounting the analyzer directly on the process duct without heat trace sample lines, pumps or blowers, you eliminate the unpredictability of moving parts and you shorten the sample path significantly. This reduces sample delivery time, while ultimately accelerating response time.

Easy Access The PrevEx analyzers are readily accessible. They attach easily to a wide variety of process walls and duct types and are unaffected by high process temperatures, making installation and operation uncomplicated. Field pneumatic and electrical connections are easily made at the bottom of the analyzer.

Efficient Operation Reduces Maintenance

The PrevEx's all inclusive design is easily operated and maintained. The front panel includes a set of status indicators and an eight-character alpha-numeric LCD display. Using just two pushbuttons, you can access all calibration, programming and diagnostic routines. Contacts are also provided for two external control inputs. A window in the outer cover lets you see the entire front panel. The window also permits non-intrusive local access; simply shine a flashlight at the photo-transistors to activate a command menu.

Calibration Since the PrevEx comes equipped with solenoid valves for both zero and span test gas, an integral microprocessor automatically makes all calibration adjustments for you. You can initiate calibration from the front panel or a remote location.

Remote Access To make operation even more efficient the PrevEx can be accessed remotely. You simple connect directly to your PLC or a display meter in the operator panel through the 4-20mA out put. If you need true, two-way digital communication with remote control, then PrevEx provides a Modbus RS-485 serial port and operator interface panels.

PrevEx Tailored To Your Requirements

The PrevEx Flammability analyzer consists of several models designed to fit your specific monitoring needs. All models monitor a number of common vapors. The top-of-the-line Model SNR675, designed to maintain a continuous operating temperature of 270°C, and the Model SNR674 which runs at 200°C, are used in the most demanding industrial monitoring conditions where high flash point solvents, resins and plasticizers may be present.

Proven, Reliable Performance

The PrevEx Analyzers evolved from a family of time-tested, field proven Control Instruments products. Its rugged, duct-mount design represents the next generation of our advanced Model FTA sampling system—with thousands of systems now in operation. The PrevEx' flame temperature technology is based on the highly reliable cell design we've been using since 1975, and the display and digital communication systems evolved from our advanced, highly reliable, SmartMax products.

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