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Top Reasons to Use the Calorval on Flare Stacks

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Find out the top reasons to use the CalorVal on your Flare Stack application. The CalorVal is our BTU analyzer for directly measuring total heating value.

Measuring the heating value of varying waste gas streams in flare stack applications is rigorous, that’s why it’s important to have an analyzer that can withstand it AND be reliable.

  • optimize fuel savings
  • know the lower heating value
  • increase burner efficiency
  • meets or exceeds EPA flare emission requirements
  • micro-combustion type calorimeter    
  • uniform response to wide range of gases & vapors    
  • identify the minimum heating value    
  • ensure proper combustion efficiency of the stack    
  • continuous & direct measurement    
  • not a batch sample or susceptible to flameouts or pressurized systems
  • fully heated assembly
  • fast response time
  • mounts at base of flare
  • compact, no shelter required

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