CPI Gun Laser Sighting Switch

Product Announcement from Control Products, Inc.

CPI Gun Laser Sighting Switch-Image

CPI's waterproof system is developed around a basic snap action contact mechanism. Using our basic switch as the starting point, we have designed a full range of switching products for thousands of applications. Small, flat and lightweight, CPI waterproof switches are designed to perform under severe environmental conditions, including total submersion - these products are truly waterproof. CPI waterproof switches are also resistant to oil, humidity, sand, dirt, vibration and shock.


Electrical rating (28VDC/120VAC): 5 amps resistive, 3 amps inductive. Higher ratings available on special order. UL recognized for 120VAC/5 amp resistive rating.

Operating temperature ranges: -50°F to 221°F, depending on configuration.

Switch mechanism: Beryllium copper sine spring.

Environmental resistance: Excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures, acids, alkalies, salt spray, sand, dust and fungus.

Color: Black is standard. Other colors available on special order.

Jacket material: Thermoplastic rubber.

Extended life option: To meet the needs of applications with high endurance requirements, CPi engineers have developed extended life contact configurations capable of more than five million mechanical cycles. This design provides virtually unlimited endurance in low current applications. Extended life switches can be coupled with most CPI limit switch brackets, providing you with a broad array of limit switch solutions.

Special contacts: Silver is the standard contact material. CPI also offers several different options to meet the characteristics of dry circuits (low voltage), long (60 day) idle periods and harsh loads, such as in-rush current and inductive arc. Special alloys, contact spacing and precise sine blade calibration all contribute to meeting these requirements. Please contact CPI for details.

Special terminations: Special cables, wires, coil cords and connectors available.