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Building Vibration Calculator 
Application to calculate compliance of recorded vibrations to standards for structural integrity of buildings. This is especially useful to monitor building integrity, in and around construction sites. The application covers parts of DIN-4150, BS-7385 and SBR-A.

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  • Plots a summary of all events recorded, with exceedance from standard limit as a function of date/time
  • Presents data visually with clear pass/fail indicators
  • Presents data graphically, in time, frequency and scatter plot graphs
  • Can assess data from a connected VSEW_mk2, or from a .wlg or .cil file
  • Can work from acceleration or velocity signals
  • All data can be exported to tab-delimited text, or Excel format


Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 10

User’s Manual
After installation, available from Start Menu\Convergence Instruments


Why Convergence Instruments?
Our Sentry Series' data loggers feature high levels of measurement accuracy and flexibility, are extremely configurable, easy to use and share a common minimalist design philosophy.

We provide data acquisition for detection and analysis of temperature, humidity, motion, vibration and acoustic measurements.

Nearly all user-to-device interactions, including configuration, are via downloadable software (available free of charge from this site) with a convenient graphical user interface (GUI) and connection to a Windows® PC.

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