USB Audio option for noise datalogger

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That option is useful to users who want to:

  • Use the NSRT_mk3 or NSRTW_mk3 with off-the-shelf audio analysis and processing software that can work from a USB Microphone.
  • Develop their own acoustics analysis or monitoring application on any platform that recognizes a standard USB microphone.

The USB-Microphone interface of the NSRT_mk3 and NSRTW_mk3 streams a mono audio signal, like any standard USB microphone, except the pressure signal is calibrated in Pa and weighted by the selected weighting function (A, C or Z).



  • Windows (Tested on Windows 7 and 10)
  • Mac-OS (Tested on OS-X El Captain)
  • Linux (Tested on Rasberry Pi 3b on Raspbian Buster)