9800 Series Ultra-Miniature SMD Reed Relays

Product Announcement from Coto Technology

9800 Series Ultra-Miniature SMD Reed Relays-Image

Coto Technology has introduced two new versions of the 9800 Series SMD Relay - the 9814 and the 9852. The 9814 Series incorporates many improvements, the most significant of which includes the use of Coto's proprietary reed switch technology. Leadframe material has also been changed and an external magnetic shield has been added. These revisions optimize the performance of this design and extend life at ATE loads by 3X or more. The additional magnetic shielding also helps to reduce the interaction between relays mounted in very close proximity. The 9852 Series is the smallest true form "C" relay available. This relay has a coaxial shield, an external magnetic shield, and can greatly simplify design where form "C" switching is needed.