Coto Introduces "Spartan Series" Reed Relays

Product Announcement from Coto Technology

Coto Introduces "Spartan Series" Reed Relays-Image

Coto Technology of Providence, Rhode Island, has introduced the Spartan Series of SIP and DIP Reed Relays. Designed for economy, the Spartan 9007 4-Pin SIP is a general purpose, high-reliability relay best suited for Security, Instrumentation, and Modem applications. The 9007 offers high insulation resistance and high-speed switching when compared to electromechanical relays.

The Spartan 8L00 DIP, in the industry standard 14-pin molded DIP package, will cross to all competitive DIP packages, such as CP Clare's DSS series and Hamlin's HE3600 series and is ideal for use in telecom, security and other general purpose applications. The 8L00 is available in Form 1A, 1C, 2A and 1B packages, 5,12, and 24 V coil designs, and with electrostatic shield and diode options.