Hi-Voltage SIP Relay is Small & Rugged

Product Announcement from Coto Technology

Hi-Voltage SIP Relay is Small & Rugged-Image

Coto Technology now offers the second generation of the 9104 Series Reed Relay – a small, rugged High-Voltage SIP Reed Relay featuring high-voltage switching capability up to 1000VDC/AC peak. In the normally-open contact state, dielectric strength is greater than 2000 VDC/AC peak. Historically, SIP relays have been proven reliable and simple to use; now, the 9104's high-voltage standoff and switching capability make these relays suitable for use in Automatic Test Equipment, Instrumentation and Process Control circuitry where voltage isolation is a key design requirement.

The 9104 HV SIP comes standard with a metal shell to reduce interaction of relays that may be mounted next to one another; additionally, a recently-modified shell further improves high voltage standoff. High dielectric strength materials and the molded thermoset body provide a very robust design. This rugged design, combined with Coto's state-of-the-art winding equipment ensures highly reliable high-voltage SIP relays at an attractive price.

The 9104 is available in 5V and 12V coils with an optional internal Diode. OEM pricing for the base part ranges from $3.86 (10K qty) to $4.56 (1K qty) with delivery from Stock to 6 weeks ARO.