Miniature Vertical SIP Relay

Product Announcement from Coto Technology

Miniature Vertical SIP Relay-Image

Coto Technology has introduced the 9117 Series miniature vertical SIP reed relay. The 9117 is a 1A version of Coto's popular 9011 series, reconfigured as a vertical SIP to reduce the amount of board space required for each relay. The raised height allows for a reduction in width, thus producing a smaller footprint with pins on a 0.06" pitch grid.

The 0.270" x 0.150" x 0.385" package incorporates an external magnetic shield to reduce interaction of these very small relays when mounted in close proximity to each other. High dielectric strength materials and molded thermoset body provide a robust design.

The 9117 is available in 5V coils with a standard external magnetic shield and optional diode. OEM pricing for the base part ranges from $3.91 (10K qty) to $4.62 (1K qty) with delivery from Stock to 6 weeks ARO.