Ultra-Mini, Form “C” SMD Reed Relay Now Available

Product Announcement from Coto Technology

Ultra-Mini, Form “C” SMD Reed Relay Now Available-Image

Now available from Coto Technology: the 9852 Form "C" SMD, ultra-miniature reed relay, which features longer life and optimized performance for ATE, Process Instrumentation and Telecommunications applications. With a footprint of 0.078 sq. in., the 9852 is the smallest Form "C" SMD reed relay available. Expected life is 200 million cycles (N/O contact), and 100 million (N/C) at 1V 10mA load. RF bandpass (-3dB) is 4GHz (N/O) or 3GHz (N/C). Isolation and return losses at 1 GHz are –10dB and –20dB respectively. An external magnetic shield reduces electromagnetic interaction between closely spaced relays.

The 9852's combination of small size, long life and good RF bandpass is unattainable by electromechanical or micro-machined relays. Gull-wing, "J"-lead or axial surface-mount styles are available in tubes or tape-and-reel spools. The price for 5000 pieces of the 9852 is $17.25 each, and current delivery is 14 weeks. A datasheet can be downloaded from Coto's Website: www.cotorelay.com.