New Technology in PVC Pipe & Tubing

Service Detail from Crescent Plastics, Inc.

New Technology in PVC Pipe & Tubing-Image

At Crescent Plastics we work dozens of materials into thousands of custom shapes with PVC pipe and plastic tubing making up a large portion of our production volume.

Recently we've added a new Twin Screw extruder. This extruder allows us to run faster production rates and use a lower material cost helping to decrease costs to our consumers.

We're often asked to provide commodity grade 1 ¼" or 1 ½" PVC, but with special characteristics. Examples include:

- markings that facilitate assembly of their products or indication of part numbers

- specially formulated, impact and weather-resistant materials

- custom colors and finishes

Utilizing the latest technology to achieve high quality but low cost parts is a high priority at Crescent Plastics. Contact us today to discuss how Crescent Plastics can deliver the PVC pipe, plastic pipe, or plastic tubing that you need.