Low Permeation Fluoroelastomer and F-TPE Compounds

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Cri-Tech's unique low fuel permeation Cri-Line® LP (Low-Permeation) FKM and Cri-plastMP™ Fluoro-TPE compounds provide the fuel resistance and lower permeation required in demanding applications.  Cri-Line® LP compounds provide this reduced permeation while not sacrificing critical properties such as tensile, hardness and compression set. 

Cri-plastMP™ Fluoro-TPE compounds provide the improved permeation performance of a fluoroplastic, with improved flexibility. 

Cri-Line® LP (Low-Permeation) FKM and Cri-plastMP™ Fluoro-TPE compounds are both available in Static dissipative formulations.  

Cri-Line® LP (Low-Permeation) Test Compounds  
      Stand CB FKM Compound Cri-Line® LP (Low-Permeation) Test Compounds  
Modulus (estimated)          
Duro Shore A pts 73 73 65
Tensile   psi 2,702.80 2,886.10 2,828.40
Elongation   % 371 398 452
Tear Strength Dic C ppi 128.7 150.4 119.9
Compression set  ASTM D624 (22 hrs @175C) plied Discs %   16 15
Permeation CE10 @ 40C g mm/ M2/24th 19.04 8.15 10.7



  Cri-plastMP™ F-TPE (Developmental)    
      Cri-plastMP™  F-TPE (Test Formulations)
      Std. F-TPE SD (static dissipative) F-TPE LP (Low Perm)  F-TPE LP/SD F-TPE
Modulus (estimated)     280 280 280 280
Duro Shore A pts 80-90 80-90 80-90 80-90
Tensile   psi        
Elongation   %        
Tear Strength   ppi        
Compression set    %        
Permeation CE10 @ 40C g mm/ M2/24th 1.58/1.46 1.86/1.87 .71/.76 1.02/1.05