Dust Sensor for OAQ Monitoring

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Laser Particulate Matter Sensor for Dust Monitoring

PM3006T is a linear light source-based particle sensor module with laser scattering technology. It is designed to measure the quantity per unit volume of different particle size and can output particle mass concentration PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 in μg/m³ at the same time via mathematical algorithm and scientific calibration. Built-in Cubic intelligent identification for different air/dust source that could automatically identify dust source and ambient air to give accurate measurement.
PM3006T be widely used for emissions monitoring, construction monitoring, mining site monitoring, port and bulk handling terminals, fence line monitoring, brownfield developments and other outdoor air quality monitoring.

PM3006T Main Features

  • PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 Simultaneous Output
  • API (Auto Particle Identification) Technology
  • Constant power laser diode
  • Constant RPM speed for fan
  • Small particle correction technology
  • Working temperature range could reach -40~85°C
  • Longer lifetime with laser diode MTTF>110,000 hours
  • Anti-Dust structure design to prevent dust accumulation

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