Expand Capacity with a Mobile Fleet Solution

Product Announcement from Culligan International Company- Commercial & Industrial Division

Expand Capacity with a Mobile Fleet Solution-Image

Culligan mobile water treatment fleet provides comprehensive multi-level water purification (pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and deionization), monitoring and control in a single solution for peaking plants and base loaded plants in energy and power, oil and gas and chemical processing industries. The modular system is designed for a wide variety of feed sources (i.e. brackish water, surface water and sea water). The system can be operated in a rugged environment and can be installed quickly to seamlessly provide large quantities of water on demand. We offer mobile solutions in the gulf coast including Houston, Louisiana, Mississippi, and in western Canada.

Culligan knows your individual needs cannot change to suit an "off-the-shelf" water treatment system. This inspired the revolutionary modular platform of Culligan Matrix Solutions, designed to address your particular water treatment concerns within your budget, time frame, and sustainability goals.

Culligan Matrix Solutions flexibility encourages overall improved efficiency:

  • Centralized dispatch of factory trained technicians 24/7
  • Reduce energy costs and consumption with a system designed to your unique needs
  • Minimize wastewater with portable exchange deionizers
  • Minimize capital and environmental resources with a mobile solution
  • Maximize production time with one of the fastest complete systems to market
  • Flexible financial options - buy, rent, lease, and longer term contracts

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