Vacuum Sizing Tank

Product Announcement from Custom Downstream Systems, Inc. (CDS)

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CDS's vacuum sizing tanks cool and size post-extruded applications using flood, spray, or a combination of the two. Each compartment is sized, designed, and constructed to the customer's specifications, allowing maximum flexibility and control. Standard features include individually regulated vacuum valves and gauges, copper stand pipes and spray bars, 3-axis precision tank movement, and an optional closed-loop water recirculation system.

  • Cools and sizes a variety of flexible to rigid pipes, profiles, and tubes
  • Modular spray bars & nozzles that maximizes cooling intensity
  • 3-axis table movement for precise alignment with the extrusion line
  • Value-added options that maximize cooling efficiency
  • Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and water contamination

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About CDS

CDS designs, manufactures, and services a complete line of plastic extrusion machinery for a wide range of thermoplastic & polymer-based applications. CDS's plastic extrusion machinery includes haul-offs (pullers), vacuum sizing tanks; spray and water cooling tanks; vacuum calibration tables; planetary and fly-knife extrusion cutters, traveling up-cut and cross-cut saws, tilt & collection tables, and embossing units. For more information visit