Blow Molding for Home & Garden Products

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Blow molding makes life better around the home. Custom-Pak blow molded consumer products are widely recognized as good values with high quality. Hardware, lawn & garden and home improvement markets have a proven preference for the durability of blow-molded products. Custom-Pak uses patented technology to produce hardware products that outsell the competition. Options are limitless but some ideas include blow-molded tools cases for drills, routers, recip-saws, rotary tools socket-sets, etc. Mailboxes, Paint containers & trays, sprayers planters & pots, sprinklers & watering cans and oil catch pans are just a few more options we have produced successfully as well.

Blow molded parts are more than just a great value. They are easily customizable, visually striking, and very durable. Whether you've sourced blow molded parts in the past or are just beginning your research, it's important to know the basics. Read our "5 Blow Molding Facts You Need to Know"

Custom-Pak is one of the world's largest industrial blow molded parts manufacturers and a leading provider of advanced blow molding technology. Custom-Pak designs and builds energy efficient blow molding machines and sophisticated blow molds. We produce a wide array of blow-molded products in six manufacturing plants. Our plants are modern, clean and non-polluting. We offer responsible, world class services and unbeatable value