Blow Molding Parts for Electronics & Utilities

Featured Product from Custom-Pak, Inc.

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Blow-molded parts can be made to provide either insulating or conductive properties for electrical, water, cell, cable & satellite utilities. The inert, chemical resistance properties of blow molded parts keep fresh water delivery, sewage treatment facilities and high-pressure pipe systems running smoothly. Blow molded parts also protect wildlife from unintended contact with areas of utility systems.

Conductive & ESD Parts--Static dissipation is critical to sensitive electronics. Conductivity is needed when handling wafers, disks and sensitive materials. Blow molding can meet very high-tech needs and do it less expensively than other methods. Let us show you how.

Insulators & Protectors--Every utility is concerned about safety and blow molding provides a high degree of protection. Constructions using quad, triple, double & single-wall parts with high-impact strength and weather resistance are solving dozens of protection needs for utilities. From ponds to high power lines, Custom-Pak can help make your systems safer.

Guards & Cabinets-- Blow-molded guards, covers and cabinets keep utility control points, junctions and splices off-limits and out of sight. The ability to produce multiple-wall parts from varied materials makes blow molded designs the best. Our plastics are as tough as steel and cost a lot less. Look at what Custom-Pak can do to secure your critical system points.

Custom-Pak is one of the world's largest industrial blow molded parts manufacturers and a leading provider of advanced blow molding technology. Custom-Pak designs and builds energy efficient blow molding machines and sophisticated blow molds. We produce a wide array of blow-molded products in six manufacturing plants. Our plants are modern, clean and non-polluting. We offer responsible, world class services and unbeatable value.