Economical Carrying Cases & Chests

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Custom-Pak is the world's largest blow-molded case manufacturer. Our experience helps you create a great case that meets every requirement. Attractive and durable cases save you money on packaging and improve your sales.

The Most Rugged Cases Our patented Quad-, Tri- and Double-Wall cases are the most rugged and durable cases you can buy. Outer walls take heavy impacts while inner walls gently cradle sensitive parts. The strength of two connected walls provides lightweight structural rigidity that can't be achieved any other way. Inner and outer wall designs are completely independent, allowing greater appearance flexibility and superior functionality. Blow molded cases survive the most demanding applications at unbelievably low costs. Let the Custom-Pak design team prove that our blow molded-cases are unbeatable.

Most economical single-wall cases When carrying case applications require low costs, there are relatively few options. The advantages of our patented blow-molded single-wall cases are significant. They have a strong perimeter edge so the case doesn't feel flimsy to the consumer. Instead of molded fins to support parts or divide compartments, the attractive contoured shapes of the cases can match your product design. Blow molding allows product strength-to-weight ratios that translate into the lowest possible cost per case. Let Custom-Pak engineers showcase your product and provide great value to your customers.

Stock cases Our standard cases are the solution when quantities can't justify custom cases. Custom-Pak offers almost 60 standard case sizes and a selection of standard colors. Our in-house tooling specialists can craft custom molded interiors or die-cut foam inserts that will fit your product perfectly. Minimum shipping release of 500 units please. For more detailed information, please contact us today. (PDF Link to stock case list)

Chests Fold-up chest packaging saves space for economical delivery and allows easy assembly and filling of the finished chest in just seconds. Unit costs can be competitive with corrugated cartons, but the structure and durability are far superior. Chests are also perfect for organizing and storing multi-component products. Drawers, wheels and other features enhance customer value. Please contact us for details.

Blow molded parts are more than just a great value. They are easily customizable, visually striking, and very durable. Whether you've sourced blow molded parts in the past or are just beginning your research, it's important to know the basics. Read our 5 Blow Molding Facts You Need to Know

Custom-Pak has been designing and manufacturing blow molded plastic products since 1974. The company designs and manufactures blow molding machinery, blow molds, and holds numerous product, process and technology patents.

Our Product Development Center imagines, designs, creates and introduces at least one all-new product to the market every day (usually requiring multiple molds)

Six manufacturing plants operate over 200 state-of-the-art blow molding production lines in North America. A Machinery Development Center and an Automation Technology Center continually advance our capability. Each plant is registered to the ISO9001-2008 quality standard. Custom-Pak manufactures blow-molded products for market leaders in the hardware, appliance, lawn & garden, seating, electronics, housewares, toys, construction, sports & recreation, medical and automotive industries.

Innovative design, technical development and proprietary processing machinery help make Custom-Pak the low cost producer in these industries and allows us to provide true blow molding excellence.