Pigment Grinding for Paints and Coatings Industry

Service Detail from Custom Processing Services, Inc.

Pigment Grinding for Paints and Coatings Industry-Image

Custom Processing Services can:

  • Grind pigments and fillers to specifically tailor them to client paint product requirements.
  • Provide packaging services in customer-supplied bags and/or pails or in CPS-provided packaging.
  • Pre-blend dry ingredient raw materials in precise formulas.
  • Produce dispersions to exacting client specifications.
  • Grind mineral fillers to nanosize through media milling.
  • Manufacture both aqueous and solvent-capable slurries.
  • Apply surface treatments, including silanation, to particles.
  • Partner in R&D activities.
  • Serve as a pilot plant for new products.
  • Be a source for various types of milling equipment.

"Mildicide" is a new term or name given to products that are used in dealing with mold or mildew contamination. They are sometimes called "mildewcides."

Products We Process

    • extenders
    • waxes
    • mildicides
    • hardeners
    • mineral fillers
    • lubricants
    • pigments
    • polyethylene
    • PTFE
    • specialty chemicals