ASIC Design Applications

Product Announcement from Custom Silicon Solutions, Inc.

ASIC Design Applications-Image

CSS's Engineering Staff has extensive experience in Measurement, Sensor, and Control ASICs for the Industrial, Medical Device, Commercial, Aerospace/Defense and Automotive Markets. Applying their expertise in mixed-signal and EEPROM circuit design to these ASICs has resulted in devices that offer improved performance, lower cost and increased flexibility. Some of their design experience includes:

Industrial ASICs

  • Remote Read Utility Meters
  • Custom Microcontroller
  • Pulse Counter/Elapsed Time Meter
  • Micro-Power 555 Timer
  • Thermal Controller
  • Custom 8 bit Microcontroller
  • Digital Trim Potentiometer

Medical ASICs

  • Programmable Hearing Aids
  • Heart Monitor Implants
  • Disposable Catheter
  • Biometric Sensors

Commercial ASICs

  • Spread Spectrum Controller
  • Passive IR Motion Detector
  • Audio/Video Controller
  • Disk Drive Accelerometer
  • RFID Tag

Aerospace/Defense ASICs

  • Phased Array Radar Controller
  • HV 10-bit DAC

Automotive ASICs

  • Electric Odometers
  • Key-Lock Tag System
  • Engine Monitor & Warning Light Controller
  • VF Display Drivers
  • LCD Display Drivers