Custom ASIC Consultation

Service Detail from Custom Silicon Solutions, Inc.

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CSS has a dedicated engineering staff with extensive experience in CMOS mixed-signal IC design. That experience, coupled with our library of analog, digital and memory circuits, can assist in reducing the development time of your IC design. By reusing proven circuit blocks, any risk of a design error is significantly reduced.

Our design group has developed numerous ASICs for a wide range of applications. This often provides a proven foundation for new/similar designs that have the same functionality. Examples of our past ASIC designs may be found under ASIC Applications. See the Applications Overview page or the specific application by market segment (Industrial ASICs, Medical ASICs, Security ASICs, Sensor ASICS or Automotive ASICs). We are particularly adept in the design of low voltage, micro-power ICs for remote and battery-powered systems.

In addition to providing circuit design resources, we offer graphics design services. Our graphics designers are well-versed in the unique requirements of precision analog circuit layout. Requirements such as device matching and minimizing parasitic resistance and capacitance are well understood. A thorough understanding of these details is often critical to meeting the stated performance requirements of the application.

We offer a full range of memory IP (Intellectual Property), including EEPROM, SRAM and ROM. These macro cells can be easily re-configured to fit the exact memory size required for your application. A complete list of our memory macro cells can be found on the IP Products page. Specifications (in PDF format) can be downloaded and include detailed timing and control information. A "Memory Calculator" is also available and provides an interactive tool to estimate the physical block size. Our IP products also include numerous analog circuits that cover a range of functions. Details of our analog IP can also be found under IP Products.