Top efficiency when grinding cast iron components

Featured Product from DEPRAG, Inc.

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Every grinding process is based on two components, whether manual or used in stationary applications, the grinder and the abrasive, and they must be carefully matched to obtain an optimal end result. DEPRAG now offers both inline- and angle-grinders that are powered by a turbine motor.

During an actual application test, an inline grinder powered by a conventional air-motor was replaced by an inline grinder powered by a turbine motor. This also required a different (better) abrasive. The recommended abrasive allowed a higher speed, but it was also more expensive, because of the higher quality.

Even though the customer initially balked at the higher abrasive cost, a field test was done to show how the new abrasive in combination with the higher-speed tool would perform.  A grinding speed of 47 m/s was achieved using the innovative turbine grinder. This is around a 46% higher speed than previously achieved for this application. And that is not all. This field test also proved that the change to a turbine grinder not only saves processing time, but also that the new abrasive lasts 4 times longer. The customer had not initially taken this increased lifespan into consideration.

So how does this new tool relate in comparison to the customer’s running operations? They work in shifts and process 1500 cast iron parts per week. A single shift session was not sufficient without overtime under the previous grinding conditions. But due to the faster processing time of the turbine grinder GDST100-280BX and the new abrasive, so much time was saved that no overtime was necessary. Together with the 4-times higher lifespan of the abrasive, the total cost comparison is a saving of over 30%!