Introducing the Nanomat®

Featured Product from DEPRAG, Inc.

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However, products keep getting smaller, fasteners are tiny and torque ranges are shrinking. This is one of the reasons for DEPRAG to introduce the new NANOMAT, which is even smaller in size than the Micromat. The main advantages include:

- integrated vacuum line - allows simple and fast connection to a vacuum source

- truly Ergonomic grip design using advanced materials

- integrated quick-change chuck

- ball-loaded drive spindle to minimize external impacts

- simple external clutch adjustment

- uses readily available 3-mm drive bits

The NANOMAT weighs only 0.3 pounds and is available with a minimum torque capacity of 1.14 inch ounces. There are four (4) handheld models available, each having a different speed and torque range. Naturally, the NANOMAT is reversible and has the well-known DEPRAG torque accuracy of a Cmk value of 1.67, which means that there is a failure rate of only 0.6 per one million screw assemblies.