DEPRAG MINIMAT-ED Screwdriving System

Product Announcement from DEPRAG, Inc.

The new, flexible and innovative DEPRAG screw-driver MINIMAT-ED with an integrated electromagnetic shut-off clutch, makes screw-driving as easy as ABC: just Plug and Play! The operator connects the screwdriver with a highly flexible, anti-kink and power-supply equipped power cable to a wall outlet. Then, the operator sets the required torque by pushing the button
to the required measurement on the screwdriver (value is in either Nm or inch pounds). A quick look to the digital display on the screwdriver is enough to verify the selected setting and the assembly can begin by activating either the trigger-start or the push-to-start.

The MINIMAT-ED is recommended for all tightening applications, particularly those that require variable torque-settings. This new tool is perfectly suited for use in rework areas with ever-changing parameters such as in the manufacturing of controllers or control boxes, as well as in all mass production industries, for example the electronics industry.