Screwdriving Station for Anti-Vibration Grips

Service Detail from DEPRAG, Inc.


One Single-Spindle Assembly Unit (Vacuum Dip Procedure) designed into a rotary index table with four (4) positions, which are equipped with the following components :

· Rotary Index Table – 4 Positions

· Part Fixture mad to hole 6 BOSCH grips simultaneously

· 1–S-SFM (Screwdriver Function Module)

· EC – Screwdriver Spindle Model 310E36-018 with combined torque- and angle transducer

· Screwfeeding machine Model 0511-EP/2,5-1 in combination with a belt-driven Hopper Model B10

· Screwdriver controller AST30

· Various sensors for load-position- and depth-control, as well as screwdriver and cylinder stroke

· DEPRAG Controller PLC LC2 plus – programmed for full automatic sequence

· DEPRAG Operator Display TP1plus with EMERGENCY OFF

· Light curtain; OPTO Touch Button

· Light Indicator showing machine status

Cycle Time:

70 sec. - for 6 screws (6 grips), including loading and unloading

Station 1: Manual Loading of Grips

Station 2: Driving Screws into the Grips

Station 3: Marking of parts having assembly errors

Station 4: Bad Part Sorting & Auto-Unload Rejects

Additional: Conveyor Runout & Machine Ready