Turbine Motors - a powerful solution

Featured Product from DEPRAG, Inc.

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What happens when the power from your drive unit simply isn’t enough? When the motor for your robot-controlled plant has to supply maximum power yet has to be physically very small? When it has to produce very high revolution speeds, yet be fit for continuous operation? In addition to the frequently used vane motor there are also other drive types that use compressed air more efficiently. This is where our innovative turbine technology steps in: A turbine is a fluid dynamic machine, which uses the volume expansion properties of compressed air much more efficiently than vane motors do. They use only about a third of the amount of compressed air. But the most incredible advantage is that the power-to-weight ratio (kilowatts/kilograms) is unrivalled, just half the size of the vane motor. An example: if we replace a vane motor the size of a man’s fist with a turbine drive of the same size, we can almost double the amount of power produced.