Use turbine technology to earn from surplus energy

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The DEPRAG turbine generator can be used in both open and closed processes. It can be designed for use with diverse mediums such as compressed air, natural gas, CO2, steam, R245fa, SES36, Cyclopentane.  Our energy recovery system is suitable for use in a multitude of applications to convert direct process gas into energy or by integrating the GET unit into an ORC process indirectly to utilize unused surplus heat. Energy recovery using the DEPRAG turbine generator is appropriate for use in many application areas. When smelting metals, for example aluminum and copper, the melting tanks are cooled by compressed air. The compressed air flows through cooling channels and absorb heat. Normally, it is then released into the atmosphere. With the new micro expansion turbine and integrated generator this is changed into electricity and fed back into the power network. A sample calculation for compressed air illustrates this: with an inlet pressure of 20 bar (abs.), an outlet pressure of 5 bar (abs.) and an inlet temperature of 180°C with a corresponding mass flow, the GET turbine generator can recover electric power of approx. 20 kW.