XYZ Screwdriving Machine

Service Detail from DEPRAG, Inc.

Cycle Description:

The Operator loads the part fixture, located on the rotary table, with a pre-assembled multi-media control-component. A Rotary-Index Table indexes two part-fixtures into, and out of the Screwdriving Station. The Operator presses the 2-Hand Safety-Buttons to cycle the rotary table by 180-degree into the Screwdriving area of the DCAM. To assure that the indexing motion (when changing parts) is clear from interference, a hinged safety-flap was integrated. If a component or a finger of the Operator or another person is placed anywhere in between a rigid element of the rotary table and the machine frame, then the flap swivels back and the unit reports an Emergency-Off signal to the controller. The XYZ-axes move to each screwdriving position of the control-component after a downhold device has secured the control-component. The SFM [Screwdriver Function Module] has a size-2, pneumatic Screwdriver DEPRAG Minimat®-Ultra 347-218-31 integrated.

The screws are presented to the split-type Nosepieces using a Single Screwfeeder Model SZG0511-EP/0.75-1. The control-component is assembled with a total of 18 screws. The SFM features an 80-mm mouthpiece-stroke, which allows easy access to each screw-location while clearing the down-hold plate.

After each screw-assembly, sensors are verifying the screw-depth, the torque and the screwdriving cycle-time. If an assembly error occurs, the screw holepattern on the add-on display indicates exactly the screw location having an error as well as the type of error that occurred. This add-on display informs the Operator as to the assembly status and allows a simple recognition of the error message and the exact error-location.