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DFT's Axial Flow Non-slam Check Valve Catalog

Featured Product from DFT Inc.

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Download a copy of the DFT® Check Valve Catalog to see our complete line of non-slam, axial flow, silent check valves, and find out more about how they help solve problems like reverse flow, water hammer, vertical flow, and more.

    • Designed to prevent reverse flow and water hammer
    • Tight shutoff/ Zero leakage
    • Can be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation
    • Non-Slam, Silent closing
    • Can be sized to your application & specifications
    • Available in a variety of end connections
    • Low maintenance
    • Long service life

Download the pdf catalog here: http://dft-valves.com/pdf/Check-Valve-Catalog.pdf

DFT® Inc. manufactures in-line axial flow check valves for applications across many industries.  Our check valves are designed to prevent or eliminate water hammer problems and can be custom-sized to meet specific application requirements.

DFT valves can be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation, have tight shut-off/zero leakage, and are built for superior performance.

DFT® takes pride in working closely with our customers to solve complicated problems. The results are valves that provide superior performance, long service life, and low maintenance costs.  In addition, customers enjoy confidence in a product that is backed by a team of professionals ready to serve and support.

DFT's objective is to diagnose check valve problems, provide solutions and prevent failures. DFT began manufacturing check valves over 80 years ago with a customer's need for a small metal-seated check valve that could be installed in any position while providing tight shutoff. The Basic- Check® valve was developed to satisfy that need. Since then DFT has learned by listening to customers like you that each industry has special needs that can exceed other check valve designs.

We specialize in providing in-line check valves that meet customer requirements as opposed to simply meeting line size. In some cases, minor modifications to our valves have solved customer problems while improving performance and extending service life. The Check Valve Doctor™ continues to grow from satisfying these needs and solving problems, supported by quick response manufacturing and relentless quality control. That's why DFT non-slam check valves are known around the world as the valve to use to prevent or eliminate water hammer problems. 

Download the pdf catalog here: http://dft-valves.com/pdf/Check-Valve-Catalog.pdf