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Watch DFT's Non-Slam Check vs Swing Check Video

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View DFT's Video: GLC vs. Swing Check Valve and see how the axial flow, non-slam, spring-assisted GLC® check valve closes silently as the flow stops, but before reversal of flow thereby eliminating water hammer.

Built for reliability, longevity, and low maintenance, the GLC Check Valve provides tight shut-off and protects other equipment in the system from water hammer.

The GLC® is also available in Nickle-Aluminum Bronze to withstand the harsh environments of salt and brackish water applications where corrosion resistance and marine life deterrents are needed.

About the GLC Silent Check Valve:
The DFT® Model GLC® Silent Check Valve is a spring-assisted, dual guided, non-slam, flanged check valve that provides reliable, low maintenance service for a wide range of fluids and pressure/temperature combinations. The valve consists of a body, seat, spring, disc with stem, and guide bushing. The DFT GLC® check valve has the advantage of minimum pressure loss with silent operation.

  • Valve Features:
    • Axial flow                                     • Nozzle style
    • "Short" Face-to-Face dimensions
    • API 6FA Fire Test
      - ASME 150 and 300 - 2" to 24"
    • Standard body materials:
      - A216 Grade WCB carbon steel or  A351 CF8M stainless steel
    • Optional body materials:
      - Alloy 20    - Hastelloy®    - Monel   - Nickel-Aluminum Bronze (NAB)
    • One piece body
    • Spring-assisted silent closing, non-slam
    • Center guided                                • Dual guided stem
    • Horizontal or vertical installation
    • Protected spring
    • Easy maintenance                           • Versatile
    • ASME 150 To 2500
      - 1" to 42" Line size      - 316 SS trim      - RF Flanged Ends      - MSS-SP61 seat leakage
      - Inconel® X-750 Spring;  Soft Seat; Custom Sizing-low flow
    • Body materials:
      - Stellite trim (600 degrees F+)      - RTJ Ends      - NACE

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 About DFT Inc.

DFT® Inc. manufactures world-class, problem solving, in-line, axial flow, nozzle style, silent check valves, and severe service control valves. DFT engineers design products using the latest CAD, FEA, and CFD design technology software. Our staff responds quickly and our systems are designed to deliver reliably within our ISO9001-2015 quality management system. For more than 80 years DFT has solved check valve problems, prevented check valve failure, and water hammer, and solved severe service control valve problems.

We take pride in working closely with our customers to solve complicated problems. The results are valves that provide superior performance, long service life, and low maintenance costs.  In addition, our customers enjoy confidence in product that is backed by a team of professionals ready to serve and support.

DFT® offers sanitary valves, non-slamming, and non-return valves, chemical valves, vacuum breaker valves, restrictor valves, compressor valves, wafer, threaded, and flanged valves, socket weld valves, soft seat valves, in-line valves, straight-thru design valves, silent check valves, spring assisted valves, horizontal, vertical valves and control valves.